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June is a month for maximum revitalization.

There are certain requirements for vitality recharge.  Here is the list of requirements and why our selection for this month is Ruby And the Stargazers: A Fireside, Texas Novel, by Marci Henna.

1.  Remove Yourself From Your Daily Routine.

Take yourself away from a few minutes to entire months.  Fiction reading is a great way to get away fast.  We picked Marci Henna’s book for our selection because it captures the flavor of the freedom of youth.  Texas is known for independent thinking and this book gets you right in the heart of it.  Marci lives here in Austin, not far from Laura’s Library.  We are working on a date to get Marci to chat about her book to our book club members.

Lest any reader is having difficulty embracing a fling with fiction, another choice and a great gift for Father’s Day is Reel Livin’ by Warren McClenagan.  Warren lives up around Amarillo and is a hoot of a story teller.  His recounting of summers spent camping and fishing with his family will take you away nearly as quickly as Marci’s fiction.

2. Treat Your Body Like it is Summertime.

This is not a time to overindulge.  Summer lives on the hoof.  Enjoy the feel and taste of fresh peach juice or watermelon dripping down your chin.  Get sticky with a snowball and wear your flip flops.

3. Give Some of Your Time to a Cause Larger Than Yourself.

Help your community in some small way.  Play a game of hop scotch with the neighborhood children.  Take a group hiking in the greenbelt that normally is more comfortable behind desks.

4. Have Fun and Make Sure You Notice It Happening.

The worst thing about work or school year round is that one sometimes forgets to notice when relaxation and fun are happening.  Make it memorable and record it in some way.  My favorite toy for recording it right now is the Flip UltraHD Camcorder.

Remember, June is a month with a Fifth Tuesday.

That is the day we all have agreed to have fun at 7 am and 7 pm, to record it and report it!  Make sure you leave a comment on the June 27, 2010 post with what mischief you got into!

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